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Pixel Imperfect is Pau Escofet's website. UX designer, art director and FE developer. Digital transformation enthusiast and LeanUX fanatic.
Totally imperfect.


It's been almost ten years since I completed my last personal web project. Hard-coded HTML and a very rudimentary CSS structure (at least compiled with SASS). I've wanted to create something more structurally robust but also in terms of content for a long time. A place where I could showcase my work in detail but also where I could show myself in a closer way. I knew the work was going to be enormous since, while conceptualizing a structure can be relatively simple, generating so much content was going to be a tall order. To make matters worse, in three languages.

The process has been arduous but it has been worth it since I've had the possibility of combining design, programming, and content generation tasks in my free time. After many, many commits and pushes... here you have my Pixel Imperfect. I hope you like it.

About me.

About me.

Photographer and graphic designer by training. Self-taught front-end programmer.
Digital transformation enthusiast and LeanUX fanatic.

Recent Projects.

My portfolio is a selection of projects carried out during my professional career that may be interesting for various aspects (clients, technologies, problem solving, etc.).

Flat-File CMS Search. Flat-File CMS Search.
Personal project

July 2023

Flat-File CMS Search

An internal search system in a Flat-File CMS? Let's see how it can be done...

Pixel Imperfect. Pixel Imperfect.
Personal project

January 2023

Pixel Imperfect

I had been wanting to create a new personal project for a long time: complete freedom to do whatever I wanted in terms of design but I also wanted to program something new.

xsonas. xsonas.
Marketing - Communication

October 2021


xsonas is a web-mobile tool for editing, presenting and sharing Personas and Customer Journeys.

Sketching your ideas. Sketching your ideas.
Marketing - Communication

September 2019

Sketching your ideas

In September 2019 I gave a Workshop for my colleagues from the UX department in order to put into practice the basic concepts of working with scribbles.



In certain circumstances I prefer to make sketches on paper to explain concepts or illustrate processes.
Here you can see several examples of how I use scribbles in my daily work.

My sh**** opinion.

I've decided to call this section 'my shitty opinion,' to make it clear that it's a crappy opinion and that I wouldn't want to influence anyone in any way.

Towards a Fairer Labor Market. Towards a Fairer Labor Market.

April 2024

Towards a Fairer Labor Market

A New Paradigm in the Labor Market: What Does the Search for Better Opportunities by Already Employed Workers Represent?

Geographical Mobility. Geographical Mobility.

February 2024

Geographical Mobility

In the intricate Spanish labor landscape, geographical mobility emerges as a cultural and social dilemma that directly impacts the country's economy.

Goodbye Pointless Workshops! Goodbye Pointless Workshops!

January 2024

Goodbye Pointless Workshops!

Have you ever found yourself in a workshop discussing a project where the outcome was as predictable as the ending of a Hollywood movie? Welcome to the captivating world of unnecessary workshops.

The Analog Resurgence? The Analog Resurgence?

December 2023

The Analog Resurgence?

From the nostalgic vinyl making a comeback on the charts to the explosion in sales of photographic films, 2024 invites us to ponder the eternal dilemma between the analog and the digital.

Bread Yoga.

Bread Yoga.

During the last few years, and especially after COVID-19, baking bread has become more than just a hobby for me: it is something that makes me feel really good. For this reason I wanted to share my "Bread Yoga", my experiences and my learnings making bread and other interesting recipes.

Let's Talk?

Let's Talk?

Do you have any questions or want to share a suggestion with me? I'm all ears...
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